He Loves me, She loves me not!

Bring your relationship back to the basics – of love

Couples Therapy Online throughout CA

I love you but…

I don’t like you!

Your relationship is fading away, getting lost in the noise of your busy lives.

It’s a hard truth thinking that you’re no longer connected like before.

Arguing is constant. You give the silent treatment to avoid the conflict.

You feel so alone in your relationship.

When did it become this hard?

Love used to be so easy.

You could look at your partner and smile with glee, now you’re rolling your eyes.

Neither of you know where this mountain of resentment came from.

It’s beginning to feel like there’s no coming back from this.

Couples therapy is just what you need.

In couples therapy with me, you will experience a direct, fair approach that doesn’t take sides.

I will guide you through a process of figuring out what went wrong in the first place.

From there we will explore what each of you brought into this relationship that is now causing barriers for you to move past the hurt.

It’s time to get back to the basics.

You will foster a deeper bond, and a respectful understanding of each other. Safety and Security in each other will be restored.

Then you will disarm your verbal conflicts and begin to communicate your feelings openly and transparently.

Intimacy will increase along with consideration and affection for one another.

Don’t keep guessing how your partner feels about you.

Rediscover your best friend and find the joy of a two-way street called Love.

Pick up the phone and call me right now at (626) 625-5234 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.