Just for YOU!

Everyone can benefit from therapy.

But this – this is designed specifically for YOU!

How often in your busy life do you take time for yourself? How often do you get a chance to carve out 50 minutes a week to sit with yourself and just be?

To allow yourself to feel all the feelings constantly running through and affecting your mind, body, and spirit?

Let’s be honest – we’re talking about totally uninterrupted, consistent time – designed just for you and nobody else – dedicated to the sole purpose of self-care?


I have a place that’s got only one name on it – YOURS.

A safe, nonjudgmental place for you to stop the world and just – be – with your emotions. To give you room, finally, to be sad, hurt, joyful – whatever you’re feeling – and to examine your fears and doubt. A place to cry and shout, to laugh and pout.

All yours. Just for YOU!

Just one word of caution!

What I’ve described may sound glorious. To have that time. To go to that place.

And trust me – it IS glorious! But trust me, too, when I say that there will be some hard times along with the good.

You’ve spent a great deal of time mastering how to push all those feelings deep down inside. Putting others’ needs before your own.

There may be even a lifetime of mastering this art of self-neglect. But you don’t have to worry.

Glorious or grim, we’ll go through them together.

It’s about partnership!

I’ll be there every step of the way.

I’ll be a “holding” force for your pain and fears – and joy – as we celebrate your journey – the journey in which you learn to master your healing!

Together, we’ll process through all the murky layers, as well as those smooth layers, in a way to help you achieve balance.

I may be direct, honest, and often challenge you, but all that comes with compassion, empathy, and understanding of your needs.

I’ll be guiding you through some difficult thoughts, possibly of self, navigating you toward some amazing positive thoughts and feelings, hopefully of self. We will laugh together at life’s idiosyncrasies. And well, when you cry (and I hope you do), I’ll have tissue for you (the soft kind that’s gentle to your eyes and nose).

Still sound glorious?

It IS! You WILL FEEL a difference. You WILL SEE change. You WILL RECOGNIZE you!

I’ll help you uncover past hidden emotions and memories that will give you tremendous insight into your current present self.

You’ll find that amazing, strong, happy being who’s always been there, buried under what we will spend time chipping away!

Why now?

Here’s an even better question: Why NOT?

All this time you’ve floated through – yearning to be seen. Knowing the great you within but languishing, because no one, not even you, has taken the time to just see!

But I will see you – when no one else sees you, even when you don’t see yourself!

I’ll be there cheering for you and empowering you, as you come to master the art of seeing your true self and loving what you see!

Reach out today – find out first hand how therapy can help you discover your best self and live your best life!

About me

You already ARE who you’re supposed to be – I believe that.



There is nothing “wrong” with you!

With compassion and some push, we’ll use an “In-Depth” approach to unveil those hidden thoughts and memories from the past, to challenge what’s directly affecting your current thoughts and explaining your present behaviors.

Together, we’ll conquer the issues hiding your amazing YOU!

I get it. In essence, just the thought of coming to therapy can be a little scary, but working with me is refreshing!

I’m relaxed in my genuineness. I’m just me! I love frogs and watching funny, sappy, tear-jerking movies over and over laughing and crying as if it’s the first time I’ve seen them when it’s really the 20th.

I don’t sugar coat the tough stuff, but I do laugh and enjoy the fun stuff.

Every session we have together will be unique and different. You’ll lead the way, and I’ll be there, beside you, guiding you along your path.

I’ve never met anyone who has believed in the process of therapy quite like I do.

With my passion about the process of therapy, I take pride in growing my knowledge and skills about emotions, people, and life to be the best I can for you.

Over 20 years, I have become educated, certified, and credentialed in many modalities which equip me to be an even more effective therapist. You will find my biggest strength is how I use all my training in building a relationship with you. My knowledge is exuded genuinely and authentically, allowing for you to feel as comfortable as possible.

My own experience in therapy is amazing and profound, and I wish that for everyone – especially YOU!