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The Truth of the Matter is…

You made it… or so it seems…

Life is on the up and up! You’ve got it all: education, career, wonderful family, and great friends.

Others look up to you and speak highly of you with compliments.

On the outside you’re a boss!

What “they” don’t know is…

Deep down inside you feel like a hot mess.

You’ve taken on more than you should. Stress builds. Feelings of failure crop up.

The self-consciousness causes you to isolate from friends and family.

So, What’s Really Going On?

Struggling while succeeding…

Being very secure and successful in most areas of your life doesn’t take away the fear that if everyone saw the real you, they would realize you’re a fake.

Performing perfectly makes you feel like a useful human being, deserving of love. But when you’re imperfect, you feel like it’s the end of the world.

A stressful day at work or any kind of stress (an upcoming exam or family life) is exhausting.

You just want to go home to eat, drink, watch tv, and numb out until you fall into bed.

What is Happening Right Now?


This is happening right now.

You don’t like to feel uncomfortable. Something churned up all of those emotions and led you here.

That’s huge! That willingness to look even briefly at the discomfort is huge.

And you’re doing it, because you know it’s time.

It’s Time!

Time to make a moment for you.

Time to break through all of the emotions.

It’s time to heal, and
let your true self emerge!

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Hey, I’m Tasha!

Putting on a smile every day, as if it’s part of your daily routine or your outfit, is exhausting.

Every day you watch joy slip away you also watch yourself slip away.

I will help you uncover many layers that explain what you’re feeling. You will reconnect with yourself to help bring forth your true self.

You will grow stronger and find your purpose and meaning again.

We will make space for fears, pain, and all of your rediscovered joy – as we celebrate each win, each change along the way.

Can You Believe it?!

Imagine believing in yourself, having a REAL smile, enjoying your successes, and being fully engaged with others around you and loving it. Loving you!

Together, we can make it happen!

More About Me

Emerge into Your Best Self on the Inside and Out!

You deserve to feel good on the inside and allow yourself to walk in confidence and JOY

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