Relationship & Life Coaching

You have no more power

Life has you feeling trapped. Seems like you’ve lost self-control and can’t get out of that rut. Finding an ounce of motivation seems impossible. Something’s off, and you have to admit it.

You’ve got to do something.

You look around and realize – you’re in this alone. There’s no one for support.

Life’s got you down

Feelings take the lead – frustration, fear, worry, and anger. Fear you might fail. Worry that your career choices are off, and work is so unbalanced. You feel anger about your relationship problems.

A stressful time in life can make you feel like you’ll never enjoy work, family, and life again. Lacking respect at work – or not being seen for your true potential – can cause you to feel sadness, defeated, and frustrated. You begin to isolate and not show your true abilities.

Coaching is for you!

With coaching, I can help you find the path where you choose happiness. Along the way, you’ll be empowered, enriched, and supported with accountability.

No more trying to push along by yourself.

My coaching style makes our time together flexible and readily available to you. Sessions are at your convenience – whenever you need help along the way.

Coaching offered at Emerge:

Relationships – I specialize in helping you figure out what life has in store for you as a single man or woman and help you navigate the dating world with confidence and certainty.

Life – Together, we’ll set balance in place, so you venture out in life feeling whole and confident – whether your issues be work-related or centered around making a life choice change like quitting smoking.

Where do we begin?

Goal Setting – You’ll learn to establish reachable attainable goals by breaking down your big dreams into small goals that will lead you toward meeting and getting what you really want. I offer accountability toward accomplishing every step, so you won’t have to do it alone.

Mindset – Soon you’ll come to find that you need to shift your mindset. You’ll enrich yourself and begin to see that life can be rewarding – that change is a real possibility – as we move you into a growth mindset of never giving up and being more positive.

Encouragement – Sometimes, you just need a gentle push. Through accountability and uplifting, you’ll feel ready to take on life at its fullest. I’ll be there to help you see you in all of your greatness.

Empowerment – You’ll feel empowered – ready to conquer what lies before you with confidence, even through your fears and worries.

It’s coaching – not therapy

As your coach, I help you obtain the necessary tools to help you overcome the roadblocks that you see as stopping you from reaching your highest potential.

I highlight those very behaviors and thoughts that cause you to get in your own way from achieving what you deserve in life. Together, we’ll get to the bottom of what you need and want, and make steps to get you there.

And “there” doesn’t have to be that far away.

Reclaim your power. Reach out and grab what you really want.

Reach out now, and let’s get started. Don’t put off really living for one moment longer.

Call me to schedule an appointment at (626) 625-5234.