Trauma & PTSD

A Ticking Bomb

Pushing down those scary thoughts and feelings seemed like it was working. That’s how you managed to make it this far.

Then in a flash it all comes erupting to the surface.

Thoughts of your past intrude in your mind, causing intense stress.

Guilt, fear, anger, and grief are with you from morning to night. These intrusive thoughts get in the way of work, school, and even pleasant times with loved ones.

You try to ignore them, but the thoughts just won’t go away.

The word trauma sounds devastating.

This is why it’s hard to talk about it. It can come with feelings of shame and embarrassment.

So, you push it all down – hold it all in.

The Many Shades of Trauma

I see trauma as any event that causes increased distress in your life – from a break-up to sexual abuse, and everything in between.

You may experience distress in the form of an inability to focus, a loss of sleep, or being irritable with others.

It could also look like depression or anxiety. It happens to the best of us!

There is a better way.

This is why it’s so essential to be able to have a safe place to release these built-up emotions – so you can function better every day.

Having a good grasp on your emotions will allow you to find more joy in your relationships and surroundings.

Getting to the Root

I use an in-depth analytical approach that accesses past hurts and allows for you to make sense of why and how your current functioning became so impacted by your past.

I incorporate a body-focused approach to help you gain awareness of your body’s responses and remove the unconscious barriers to healing.

You will develop strategies to consciously affect your nervous system in a way that supports emotional well-being.

I will be there the entire time.

I will hold your pain and your fears in a safe space where you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Being scared is accepted and nurtured.

Therapy can help you regain the ability to feel safe by understanding that your stress reactions are normal and manageable – and by finding meaning in your past experiences.

I can help you experience life without being ‘triggered’ by both thoughts and bodily reminders of your disturbing experience.

Let’s start your healing process.

You will feel free of the heavy weight holding you down, and you will emerge into your true best self.

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Crisis Oriented Recovery Services (CORS)

CORS is an evidenced based practice that targets those catastrophic life altering events in a different way.

Those unexpected disturbing events, hazards or traumas that are fresh and new (happened within the last 2 weeks) can leave you thrown so far off guard that you have difficulty picking up the pieces.

It is a short-term therapy that aims to provide you with coping skills to manage stress that come from life crises and help you return to your previous or higher level of functioning.

It is designed for individuals who have experienced an event that has disrupted a person’s usual equilibrium.

Don’t keep suffering alone.

Together, we can walk through immediate steps to help you regain function and control of your life.

We’ll help get you back to work, back to taking care of your family, picking up just enough pieces to get you back on track.

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