Online Therapy

You feel defeated.

Every day you find yourself running around and meeting the needs of others, whether it’s at work, home, or your volunteer organization.

All of your needs get pushed to the background.

The feelings of stress and anxiety peak just about the same time each and every day. No matter how busy you are, the distractions don’t take it away.

Loneliness and worry are at an all-time high

Your relationships are hurting, and you feel like you are losing yourself in the whirlwind.

All these problems are demanding your attention immediately; but looking at the mountain of tasks sitting on your desk, there’s no way you can possibly find the time.

So, you push your emotions aside and carry on.

Sometimes life keeps you busier than intended.

As a professional, you may get called into a last-minute meeting or have to stay a little bit later at the office.

As a parent you tend to lose track of time. Before you know it, you’ve fallen way behind. There’s no way you can keep up with all the ins and outs.

Busy = self-sacrifice

Self-care isn’t always the first thing to make it on the to-do list. With everything going on, sometimes we have to “give up” something and make a sacrifice.

Usually you decide that your needs can wait.

Therapy is the time for yourself to take care of your emotional well-being.

Therapy on Your Terms

Online therapy allows you to make up for lost time.

Taking away the commute and waiting time helps get you the self-care you need with the click of a button.

You just need to find a private space and log in. This could be in your office, home, or even a quiet outdoor space. You get to choose.

Just as in my office, I offer a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you to do the necessary self-exploration.

Together, we will navigate the gateway toward change.

We will challenge your negative thoughts and feelings that cause defeat. I will help you create a personalized roadmap to achievement and well-being.

Same as in-office, online therapy holds a nurturing environment for you to rediscover you.

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