Couples Therapy

Remember the time?

Your heart fluttered at the mere thought of your partner.

Waking up next to them was the joy of your life. Everything was so easy, and love felt so good. You fit together so perfectly.

Your ride or die! The Yin to your Yang!

What happened?

Over time you began to drift apart.

Life became all about the kids. Schedules became busier and busier, and time for the two of you slipped away.

You’ve tried different things to bring back the flame – like date nights and pillow talk – but that didn’t last.

A Path Back to Each Other

Understanding where things went wrong and how the relationship started to decline is important to getting things back to the basics of love.

Naming why the distance grew between you is helpful in reconnecting you to that place where you both were considerate and respectful of each other.

Not Married…

Couples who are engaged, dating, and even those who defy labels can also benefit from couples therapy.

Whether you come in as a married couple or another relationship, we can explore the confusing issues and ease the conflict.

Setting the Relationship up for Success

I will help you develop your individual confidence, making each of you more self-aware and considerate of your partner.

Together, we will process what each of you brought into the relationship that could be getting in your way of fully connecting.

I believe in evidence-based strategies that are designed to address conflict management and rebuild the friendship you once had.

Let’s connect!

Disarm conflicting verbal communication while increasing intimacy, respect, and affection.

We will remove the barriers that create a stuck feeling in conflicting situations and create an increased sense of empathy and understanding within your relationship.

You will learn to build a deeper emotional availability and create an even deeper bond with your partner.

Take the one step that could change your whole life.

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