Individual Therapy

“I’m Fine. I’m OK. No really, I’m fine!”

No, you’re not.

Who are you fooling, them or yourself?

You. Are. Not. OK.

You used to be!

And for the longest time you’ve been trying to hold on to those days when you were fine.

When you had a good handle on juggling all your life responsibilities. But now, it’s not the same.

You can’t keep it together, and your relationships with others are being compromised, too. It’s getting harder and harder day by day. You’re not even sure what’s going on.

Behind closed doors….

Tears begin to fall as feelings of failure and sadness take over.

You keep telling yourself to get it together. Stop it. You are stronger than this.

You’ve got this! Then feelings of anger come out, because even with the pep talk you know you’re just fooling yourself.

You can’t fall apart now…

You’re a professional, a mom, a wife, a husband, a friend. How can you just fail? How will your family get by? How will things get done?

Besides, there’s no one you can go to that will understand what you’re going through.

And you really don’t want to let anyone see your inner struggle.

Enough is enough!

Who said that you always have to be OK? What if I told you that you don’t?

You don’t have to always be strong! Sometimes you could use some support, too.

Everything doesn’t have to always be on you.

I can offer you help, support, and relief.

Sharing your inner thoughts and feelings will immediately bring a new sense of peace

Individual therapy provides you a safe, caring space where you can unload the heaviness that’s weighing you down, so you can begin to live the life you were always meant to live.

Our work will bring clarity into how you’ve been handling things, and you will be able to see that change is possible.

I would love to join you on this journey.

This process will empower you to gain control over your feelings and thoughts, so you don’t feel attacked and overwhelmed by life.

I can help you get back to fine! Even better, I can help you grow into that person you were really meant to be.

Don’t wait any longer. Call (626) 625-5234 now for your free 15-minute consultation.