Clinical Supervision

Building the Right Foundations for a Dynamic Career

As a new Psychotherapist, you are faced with clients on a daily basis who are in challenging situations and stressful times. They are looking to you for help.

Your primary goal is to provide them with the most ethical and competent services to meet their needs, but you sometimes doubt yourself and question if you are taking the right steps or making the right decisions in your approach.

Some of your own stuff might be coming up while working with your clients, and you’re not quite sure what to do with it – or intense situations cross your path, and you need support to stay at your best.

It’s not easy trying to navigate this by yourself.

I’ve had personal experience, and I’ve heard many stories about associates not having the proper supervision or support.

This can leave you feeling inadequate and beginning to have self-doubt. You may even have instances of confusion about which direction you want to go in with your career.

Fortunately, I also have had the experience of amazing supervision, and I can tell you it is supremely important.

Imagine feeling confident in your work now, while gaining skill and knowledge that supports you to make a massive impact in this field. Get excited about meeting with your clients instead of feeling nervous and unsure.

Finding the Right Fit for You

Supervision should be a place where you feel safe to grow both personally and as a clinician. You need to have a strong relationship with your clinical supervisor where you can be vulnerable about your abilities.

Your growth is vital as you embark in this field. You deserve to be given a platform where you can feel comfortable, safe, and empowered. Don’t make this decision lightly, and ensure that your expectations are being met.

Experience You Can Trust

I have been working in the field of mental health and social services for over 20 years now. I have seen many things, and I have learned so much.

My roles have ranged from line caregiver staff to director – and everything in between.

With me, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and enhance your clinical skills – which benefits your clients and your own well-being.

Together, we will sharpen your personal strengths and build on those in a clinical capacity. You’ll exude confidence and competence, as you learn how to be yourself with your clients and adapt your new clinical skills into that.

Master your tools.

I offer compassionate and skillful support, as you develop the capacity to properly diagnose, write clinical notes, assess effectively, develop solid treatment plans, and deliver a proper case conceptualization.

These skills are important, as you launch into the exam phase of your licensure.

Now, just think of what it will be like to narrow your approach down, hold true to it, and gain a deep skill in that approach.

And you will have opportunities to put many modalities to use, helping you find a true level of comfort.

You deserve the best

I make it a priority that you succeed and feel good doing it along the way.

I provide a stress-free environment where mistakes are not ridiculed – they are encouraged and learned from throughout the process.

Supervision at Emerge

I am currently offering supervision for associate marriage and family therapists (AMFT) and associate professional counselors (APCC) toward their clinical hours for licensure.

Clinical supervision for associate social workers (ASW) is also available for a maximum of 1300 clinical hours of the required 3000 hours. Appropriate referrals will be given for a LCSW to meet the remaining 1700 hours if you would like.

Group supervision is also available. This is a plus for those who are working but only being offered one hour a week of supervision, and you want to gain more supervision hours.

Get the supervision you deserve and embark on this fulfilling career.

Be prepared for licensure and emerge into your best self as a clinician.

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